Mayan Spiritual Healing is performed through an individual receiving a Spiritual Bath.  Baths are prepared with fresh plants, prayers, water, incense and intention.  They powerfully move stagnant energies and leave one peaceful and enlivened. 

The Maya believe that people can become afflicted with various spiritual sicknesses.  Persistent emotional states fall into this category.  Fear, grief, melancholy and rage are some common examples. 

Baths can also be used for more complex spiritual conditions and are a tremendous space-clearing tool. 

This gentle and profoundly earth-based tradition is particularly helpful to children and animals. Baths are done outdoors at Moon Yoga year round.  In warm weather the receiver wears a swim suit or light clothing and is gently doused with warm herbal water.  In cooler weather, a variation using a hand and foot soak is offered with the recipient being bundled in blankets.  Every bath is unique, ranging from gentle meditative experiences to transformative releases.  

Spiritual Bath sessions are normally one hour in length.  Two hour sessions can be booked if the recipient would like to learn how to work with self-care baths at home.  

For more information please enjoy this article by Dr. Rosita Arvigo. 

Photograph by Maria Paula Anzola.