Arvigo Therapy®
Abdominal, pelvic and sacral massage based on the centuries' old techniques of the Maya.  Arvigo Therapy also includes supporting modalities such as castor oil therapy, hip swaddling, vaginal steaming, herbal support and more.  In sessions at Moon Yoga, Yogic techniques that may be of value to the individual may also be included, as well as support for the subtle body through Reiki healing.  

Mayan Spiritual Healing
Traditional Mayan Spiritual healing involves the preparation and experience of a Spiritual Bath.  Baths are prepared with fresh plants, prayers, water,  oincense and intention and can powerfully move stagnant emotional states and disruptive energies, leaving one peaceful and enlivened. 

Holistic Pelvic Care™ & Holistic Pelvic Energy™
 This beautiful work assists women to connect deeply with the power, presence and healing potential in their pelvic bowls through internal vaginal bodywork and fascial release, as well as profoundly transformative meditative practices.   

Classes and Workshops

Arvigo Self-Care™ Course

This 2.5 day course is an immersion into the healing practices of the Maya as they pertain to Self-Care.  By taking this class one literally comes home to the body.   It is of enormous benefit to people working with physical issues, while also being a profound spiritual gateway into a deepened awareness of the Self and Nature.   The course covers abdominal/pelvic self-massage, a thorough exploration of reproductive and digestive anatomy and physiology, and introduction to the history and lineage of Arvigo Therapy, supportive modalities and much much more.   This course is the first tier of training in the Arvigo Therapy practitioner training.  It is offered at least once a year in Auckland, and will be being offered in other parts of the country in the near future.  
QOYA Classes 

Monthly  movement classes for women combining dance, yoga, meditation, ritual and sensual movement.   Class themes change monthly, and can be experienced as a powerful healing journey.  QOYA brings a woman back to the knowing that she is wise, wild and free!   

Additional Workshops

From time to time, additional workshops may be offered by Samar or visiting practitioners.