Arvigo® Practitioner Training 
February 26th to March 4th 2018 
Kawaipurapura Retreat Center, Auckland 

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy’s® Professional Care Training allows practitioners to incorporate the ancient healing methods of the Maya into their existing clinical practices.  Abdominal massage, pelvic steams/soaks, hip swaddling, castor oil therapy, herbal support, spiritual healing and much more are aspects of this sacred work.  Attendance at the Arvigo® Self-Care weekend is a prerequisite.  

Cost: $2325 US 
Click here to register.  Please email to enquire.  

Mayan Spiritual Healing Level 1 - SOLD OUT 
March 6th to March 11th 2018 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Coromandel

This course equips participants to take fully into their lives the spiritual healing traditions of the Maya as passed down to Dr. Rosita Arvigo from the late Don Elijio Panti.  This training includes delving into spiritual bathing, smudging, prayer, space clearing, amulet making, flower essences, plant spirit medicine and much more.  There are no prerequisites for this training.  

Cost: $2125 US
Please email to enquire about future trainings and/or to go on the waiting list.  

Qoya Initiation Teacher Training 
July 21st and 22nd 2018 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland 

Qoya is a movement practice for women, created by Rochelle Schieck.  It brings together dance, yoga, sensual movement, sacred community, intuition, breathwork and more, wrapped in the soft sweet swathe of a deep and ancient lineage.  Initiation is the second level on the teacher training path, with the online Intro being the first.  At Initiation, each participant will have the opportunity to teach each part of a class, embodying the whole through deeply knowing each part.  This weekend is rich in ceremony, connection, support and of course, dance.  Initiation prepares a seeker for Intensive - the final stage of the Teacher Training journey.  Intensive will be offered in New Zealand in December 2018.   Click here to learn more about Qoya teacher training.

Prerequisites:  Intro (online)   
Cost: $600 US 
Please email to enquire.  Click here to register. 

Qoya Intensive Teacher Training
December 10th to 17th 2018 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Coromandel 

Culminate your Qoya teacher training journey at a supremely beautiful wild place.  Intensive is the third and final level of teacher training and involves seven full days of immersion into the world of sisterhood and the magical lineage of Qoya.  Embody each pillar of class and receive its energetic transmission.  Each participant with each teach or co/teach a full class, and you will thus leave ready to take Qoya further and further into this glorious world.  Click here to learn more about Qoya teacher training. 

Cost: $2500 US 
Prerequisites: Intro (Level 1) online & Initation (Level 2) 
Please email to enquire.  Click here to register.


Qoya Collective Retreat - 'A Call to Create' - SIX SPACES LEFT 
March 24th to 31st 2018 
Blue Spirit Retreat, Nosara, Costa Rica 

It is my deep joy and profound honor to journey for the second time to join five other stellar Qoya teachers, including Rochelle Schieck, to co-create the Qoya Collective Retreat.  This special week embodies what it means to live, work, learn and grow in the container of a true circle.  This years theme takes its essence from the Qoya online course ‘A Call to Create’.  Allow the power of the circle to reacquaint you with your dreams, build a nest for them and gently bundle them into your arms as they enter this blessed world.   Click here to learn more. 

Cost: From $2050 US 
Click here to register.  Please email to enquire.  

Heaven and Earth Retreat - SOLD OUT 
April 20th to 22nd 2018 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Coromandel 

Join Ginnaya Turner and myself for a weekend of soul-stirring, heart-warming and body-loving through diving deep into the realms of Astrology, Qoya and a rededication to loving, serving, healing and honoring our Earth Mother Gaia as we celebrate Earth Day together on April 22nd. Get to know the medicine inherent in your blueprint through taking our celestial kin, the planets, as friends and allies through the portal of love that is your very skin.  

This weekend is particularly special to me as its my Solar Return (i.e. Birthday!) on Earth Day.  I can think of no more spectacular and special way to celebrate that to dive deep into a union with precious community, the body, the Earth, the Heavens and the Sacred Mystery.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live this wondrous life!

If you feel the call to deepen your relationship to the stars through feeling them in your bones, join us! 

Cost: $390 earlybird (if paid before March 20th) or $450 thereafter
Please email to to join the waiting list. 

Phoenix Woman Day Retreat 
Friday June 1st 2018
Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that dies again and again, succumbing to the element of Fire.  It is reborn each time, fashioned into a stronger, deep and truer version of itself.  This full and deep day with include ceremony, Qoya, sacred community and further embodiment practices to experience archetype of Phoenix to the reality of life in a woman’s body.  Awaken and thus deeply honor the mythical creature in your visceral body, with all its tragedy and all its triumph.  Rise.  Again and again. 

Cost:  900 AED 
Please email to register. 

Holotropic Breathwork Weekend - FIVE SPACES LEFT 
September 8th and 9th 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland 
Cost: $300 (earlybird) OR $350 (after June 1st 2018) 

Dive into the wisdom, wildness, timelessness and spirit of your subconscious through two profound practices - Holotropic Breathwork and Qoya.  Holotropic Breathwork is a profound healing modality developed by Stan Grof.   This work involves deep, continuous, rhythmic breath and the power of evocative music to take one on a healing journey within, guided by the ‘Inner Healer’ - the part of ourselves that knows exactly what we need at any given moment.   Qoya is a sacred movement practice - melding dance, yoga, sensual movement, prayer and loving community - and on this weekend two Qoya classes will serve as a way to integrate and give home to the depth experiences of the breath.  This weekend is designed to be supportive, spacious and sacred, and is co-facilitated by wonderful Andrea Anstiss, who is making the journey from Dubai to be with us, and myself.  

Spaces are limited. 
Please email to enquire and/or register.  

Qoya ‘A Place to Pray’ Retreat 
November 1st to 6th 
Slipper Island Resort, Coromandel 

For the first time in Aoteoroa/New Zealand, experience a complete Qoya retreat - tracing the energetics of the medicine wheel through four full days of movement, ceremony, sweet community and so very much precious time for deep rest and sinking into the bliss of nature.  Whakahau/Slipper Island is visible from the Coromandel, and a place we have waved to while dancing Qoya on Opoutere Beach so many times.  Historically, Slipper Island was a stopping point for canoes and a place to rest and retreat during storms.  Physically, its 225 hectares of rolling hills, pristine clear water, sweet animal friends like alpacas and a friendly eagle ray to swim with and even a lighthouse.  It truly is a place to pray, to take refuge, to heal, to restore, to strengthen, to remember, to fly forth from.   To learn more about this special place, click here.   The option to participate in Initiation Teacher Training (Level 2) is a feature of this retreat.  

Cost: $1350 US + $600 US for optional Initiation Teacher Training
Please email to enquire.  Registration opening soon.

Vision Quest Retreat ‘Painting the World Back into Existence ’ 
December 7th to 9th 2018 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Coromandel 

A Vision Quest is a sacred journey taken to the wisdom-heart of the Earth when a human seeks guidance, support, love and way-showing.  For the fourth year, we will make the pilgrimage to Opoutere, stepping into the sacred.  Our theme this year is ‘Painting the World Back into Existence’.  As we stare down an ever corrupted future - where our waters, forests, air and soils are all under threat - our sense of place and purpose as a species is at a crossroads.  Do we simply give up and continue unconsciously?  Do we succumb to a deep sadness and subsequent apathy?  Or do we attempt to paint the world back into existence?  If even the tiniest part of ourselves is willing to use our creative energy to reimagine and pray for a world restored, what might be possible?  This weekend is a cry to the space beyond - not just for help, but for the faith in ourselves to remember our artistry, our power, our responsibility, our personhood and our sacred task as custodians of this unbelievably loveable Planet. 

If you feel the call, join us for ceremony, dance, nature, prayer, vision questing, community and the awe of it all in the Coromandel. 

Cost: $390 early bird (if paid by October 1st) or $450 if paid thereafter.
Please email to register. 


Monthly QOYA Workshops at Moon Yoga
Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings once a month
6 pm to 9 pm (Fridays) or 10 am to 1 pm (Saturday) 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

Qoya is a movement practice for women developed by Rochelle Schieck that brings together dance, yoga, sensual movement, sacred community, breath-work, meditation, ceremony and more.  Every month we explore a new theme through movement.  Yoga mats, cushions, all props, artesian water, organic herbal teas and nutritious snacks are provided.  Monthly workshops are announced on Moon Yoga's website and mailing list.   February's  theme is "How May I Serve?"

Cost: $30 NZD
Click here to learn more about Qoya.  Please email to register/enquire.

Sexuality and Motherhood - ONE SPACE LEFT 
with Libby Garrison and Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian
Thursday February 8th 2018 
6pm to 9 pm
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

Join Libby  and myself for a sacred, spacious, supported and honest evening of creating a holy container for our collective experiences of Sexuality and Motherhood. This workshop is open to all women who feel called to explore these dimensions of their being - whether they have physically birthed or not. Our evening will be rich with storytelling, movement, energetics, archetypes, deepening our understanding of our physiology and ceremony - with the ultimate prayer being that each woman may reunite with her own sexuality as an ally and a source of sustenance as she mothers whatever she is being called to mother in her life. 

 Cost: $30 
 Please email to register.

Kwan Yin on Intelligent Compassion
A Spirit Talk with Dr. Ann Kerwin 
Thursday February 15th 
6:30 pm to 8 pm 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

Kwan Yin is associated with the cultivation of compassion.  She will discuss BEING compassionate, a state that does not require you to set yourself up to be deceived, exploited, gaslighted or downtrodden.  It is possible to be compassionate towards perpetrators and still act appropriately and intelligent to preserve yourself and the Planet.  And it is not simply a possibility, but a must. 

Cost: $20 
Please email to register. 

Kwan Yin on Militant Compassion
A Spirit Talk with Dr. Ann Kerwin
Thursday March 15th 
6:30 pm to 8 pm 

Many of us feel called to become active.  To join a cause, take a stand, right a wrong, oppose harm.  How can we do so effectively and with compassion towards 'the other side?'.  Bathe in Kwan Yin's wisdom and supportive messages on this timely and timeless topic. 

Cost: $20 
Please email to register.  

The Gift of Menstruation and the Healing Power of the Yoni Egg
with Maria Paula Anzola
Thursday April 19th 2018  
 6 pm to 9 pm $50 (single workshop) or $130 (three workshops discount) 

 Join Maria Paula Anzola at Moon Yoga for this sacred evening of reconnection and feminine body-based magic.  Connect deeply with your menstrual cycle and the ancient wisdom of your blessed body.  Learn simple, powerful tools to honor and support your cycle through aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences, nutrition, yoga and movement.  This workshop is suitable for all women, including those aren't actively bleeding.   An exploration of the profound healing power of the Yoni Egg is also an important facet of this workshop.  A handmade bottle of Earth Bliss 'Woman Balance' Flower Essence Blend is included as a gift for participants.  Spaces are limited.  Please email to register.

Celebrate Your Breasts - A Holistic Approach to Sacred Body Care
with Maria Paula Anzola
Thursday April 26th 2018 
 6 pm to 8:30 pm $50 (single workshop) OR $130 (three workshop discount)  

Join Maria Paula Anzola for a blessed evening of deep body care.  This workshop is a reverential exploration of the powerfully magical sensory powerhouses that surround a woman's heart - her breasts.  The physical importance of caring for the breasts will be experienced through self-massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, flower essences, yoga, dance and more.  The profound energetic and physiological connection between our breasts and our own unique experience and expression of our feminine sexuality will also be made space for on this beautiful evening.   Spaces are limited.  Please email to register. 

Natural Gynecology - Weaving Our Bodies Back to the Earth 
with Maria Paula Anzola
Thursday May 3rd 2018 
 6 pm to 9 pm $50 (single workshop) OR $130 (three workshop discount)  

Join Maria Paula Anzola for a deep evening of self-love and reclamation.  The Earth and her wide array of medicines have always been the place women have gone to heal.  Touch upon this ancient knowledge again through working with the breath, massage, steams, nutrition and medicinal places for womb, ovarian and vaginal health.  In particular, this evening will focus on supportive approaches to hormonal health, libido, cleansing and restoration of the female body.  
Spaces are limited.  Please email to register. 

Develop Your Intuition Level 1 - Foundations
with Dr. Ann Kerwin 
Sunday May 6th 2018 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert

Open pathways to your unique intuitive universe.  
You are intuitive.  You know it.  You want to grow it.  In this workshop, you won't learn 'the ten essential secrets every intuitive must know', nor the 'twelve infallible tips for mindblowing psychic pronounchements'.  Rather, you will focus on how YOUR intuition works to help you heal, bless and prosper.  Expect to enjoy a fun, interactive day.  Additionally, there is electronic follow up to help build confidence and support your intuitive foundations.  

Cost: $80 
Please email to register. 

Healing Spirits on When Explanations Falter, Beam On 
A Spirit Talk with Dr. Ann Kerwin 
Thursday May 17th 2018 
6:30 pm to 8 pm 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

To survive and manage, humans strive to explain why what happened happened.  We live in a time when much of what happens to us is frequently attributed to the magnetic pull of energetic attraction, the idea that people serve as our mirrors and a belief in all happenings are pre-ordained positive happenings.  These ideas can certainly help to cultivate positive attitudes, but they don't always apply, and when taken dogmatically, can be misleading.  This evening is devoted to finding spaciousness and trust in the space beyond explanation, with a real reverence for the human experience.  

Cost: $20 
Please email to register.  

Develop Your Intuition Level 2 - Getting Real: Uncertainty & Revelation
with Dr. Ann Kerwin 
Sunday September 2nd 2018 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

Philosopher William James observed that the greatest obstacle to discovering truth may be the rest of our truths.  Often we have illusions about how 'real psychics' work.  These illusions can hinder development.  In a rare opportunity, two respected intuitives will share how they work, how they learned to work and be available to answer your questions.  Expect to reexamine fear of uncertainty and getting things wrong, and to enjoy interactive exercises and be supported by electronic follow up. 

Cost: $80
Prerequisite: Develop Your Intuition Level 1 
Please email to register. 

Develop Your Intuition Level 3 - Practical Wisdom 
with Dr. Ann Kerwin 
Sunday November 11th 2018 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

This festive workshop celebrates our intuitive development and community with food, ceremony and readings.  We also look at Practical Wisdom - PHRONESIS  - as the ancient Greek Philosophers called it.  Living the intuitive life, we face situations where we can't rely on hard and fast rules about what is best to say or not say, to do or not do.  In such ceases, we call on the ability to feel our way, with integrity, to the best approach available now. 

Cost: $60 
Prerequisites: Develop Your Intuition Level 1 & 2 
Please email to register.