Dear One,

Thank you for visiting my website.  

I am a Certified Practitioner and Self-Care Teacher of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, and a Mayan Spiritual Healing Practitioner of the same lineage.  I have had additional training in advanced bodywork techniques and pregnancy/post-partum care with Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

I am a provider of Holistic Pelvic Care™ and Holistic Pelvic Energy™, trained by Tami Kent, MSPT, author of Wild Feminine.  

I am also a QOYA™ teacher and teacher-trainer, and have had the pleasure of learning this profound work from its creator Rochelle Schieck, and sharing it with an incredibly robust, heart-centered and colossal community here in Auckland.  

These three exquisitely transformative modalities make up the core offerings of my practice.  For years, I was the sole Arvigo® Practitioner in the country, I am delighted to say that is no longer the case.  For years too, I shared the privilege of being one of only two Qoya teachers in New Zealand, and I am blessed to be one of fifteen country-wide, with more on the way!  Forging a path for these sacred works in this beautiful country has honed my passion for the unbelievable healing power that comes with the reclamation and embodiment of the feminine, and has been one of the greatest honors of my life.  

I have been blessed to draw upon a rich history of learning.  I have experienced over 700 hours of training as a Yoga Teacher over a nine year period with Ashram Yoga NZ, including specialized training in Yoga Nidra and Natal Yoga.  I have been an Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 2003, and have had the joy of teaching this to people of all ages on three continents.  I have also qualified as a Hypnotherapist and a Massage Practitioner.

I have had the profound priveledge of working with some truly beautiful teachers in the traspersonal, intuitive, creative and earth-based realms.  All this richness cannot help but inform my work.  

I am an intuitive with an incredibly deep connection to the natural world, from which I draw support, love, inspiration and strength. It is a key facet of what I have to offer.  I am a poet, gardener, water baby, in beloved partnership and mother to one little person and one little dog. 

                                                                            With so much love, 
                                                                                                Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian