Qoya Initiation Teacher Training 
with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Aucklan
November 23rd and 24th 

Qoya is a movement practice for women, created by Rochelle Schieck.  It brings together dance, yoga, sensual movement, sacred community, intuition, breathwork and more.  Initiation is the second level on the teacher training path, with the online Intro being the first.  At Initiation, each participant will have the opportunity to teach each part of a class, embodying the whole through deeply knowing each part.  This weekend is rich in ceremony, connection, support and of course, dance.  Initiation prepares a seeker for Intensive - the final stage of the Teacher Training journey.  Intensive will be offered in New Zealand in October 2020.  Click here to learn more about Qoya teacher training.
Prerequisites:  Intro (online)   

Cost: $600 US 
Please email to enquire.  Registration opening soon. 



Qoya 'A Place to Pray' Retreat
with Rosita Arvigo and Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 
July 19th to 21st 2019
Taos, New Mexico, USA

Prayer, ceremony and ritual have been a part of the experience of our species since our very beginnings.  We have prayed for rain, danced for the Sun, left offerings at the mouth of caves, on the crest of waves and deep in the fecund Earth.  To make meaning and animate the living world, recognising its consciousness and deriving succour from its light has always been part of being human.  Praying was, essentially, talking to the Earth.

Now, facing a looming environmental crisis and wading through our dimming sense of hope, lost on screens, we might need this conversation more than ever.

What if prayer were not simply a spiritual act?  What if it was an environmental action?  What if we are not here simply to find technological solutions to 'save' the Earth, but to also honor the inherent intelligence in our Ecology through getting humble enough to listen to Her?  In entering into dialog with her Body are we able to listen more keenly to her solutions?  What does She need from us?  And how?

Through the medicine of Qoya, the wisdom-offerings of Dr. Rosita Arvigo and the ancient magic of the land of Taos, New Mexico, lets live into these questions together and find a place to pray - in our bodies and up against the warm body of the Earth. 

Rosita, apprentice to the late and acclaimed Maya H'Men, Don Elijio Panti and founder of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, is a living treasure of indigenous healing wisdom and a carrier of communion with the sacred world of plant medicine.  Learning from her has been one of the greatest honors of my life.  To learn more about her devotional life click here.
Cost: $450 USD (accomodation not included) 

Registration opens soon.  Please email to enquire.  

Holotropic Breathwork & Qoya 'Re-Fathering' Weekend 
with Andrea Anstiss and Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 
September 7th & 8th 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland 

Dive into the wisdom, wildness and eternal Spirit of your subconscious through two profound practices - Holotropic Breathwork and Qoya.  Holotropic Breathwork is a rich healing modality developed by Stan Grof.  This work involves deep, continuous, rhythmic breath and the power of evocative music to take one on a journey guided by the 'Inner Healer' - the part of ourselves that knows exactly what we need in any given moment.  Qoya is a sacred movement practice - melding dance, yoga, sensual presence, prayer and loving community, and on this weekend serves to integrate and give home to the depth of the experiences afforded by the breath. 

Following on from the Re-Mothering Holotropic Breathwork & Qoya weekend in May, this weekend utilizes the power of the breath and the magic of Qoya to explore our relationship to being fathered, navigating what that brings up in our personal experience through powerful embodied tools and sacred spaces in which to gather in community.  How were we supported?  How were we held?  Was the world safe for us?  What is our relationship to authority?  To the masculine?  To our self-determination, fire and fierceness?  Dance with all these questions and more.  

This weekend is designed to be supportive, spacious and sacred.  It is co-facilitated by Andrea Anstiss, who is making the journey from Dubai to be with us, and myself.  

To maintain a supportive and clear environment, all retreats and experiential weekends are by application and involve a short interview process with Samar.

Please email to apply or enquire. 

Cost: $300 NZD (earlybird) OR $350 NZD (after August 7th 2019) single weekend OR $500 total if doing both May & September weekends.  

Vision Quest Retreat - 'Grieving the Ungrievable' 
December 6th to 8th (co-ed) OR December 13th to 15th (for women) 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat Center, Coromandel 

"To truly and freely grieve as an entire people can revive an entire culture
just as much as it can bring back to life an individual."
- Martin Prechtel 

Current estimates indicate that this generation of children may be the last to see a natural human life span.  We've lost 40% of the planet's biodiversity in the last few decades.  Global warming.  Wars.  The refugee crisis.  Homelessness.  To be alive today has implicitly woven into it an acute awareness of impending loss and problems far bigger than our capacity to comprehend them.  There is so much work to be done here.  But how?  How when we have hidden in our skin our own personal shame, our own individual heartbreak, our own unique sense of smallness in the face of pain so much larger than we are? 
We have two choices.  To disappear into distraction, allowing the grief we carry in every watery molecule of our bodies to chill, solidify and freeze the flavor out of our experiences...or...we could FEEL. 
Grieving is not a passive process.  It is an active engagement with every way in which we have been polluted. Until so very recently in our history, grieving was also a communal process, each heart drawing upon the strength of a thousand more to go where it feels impossible to return from.

To restore our ability to grieve together is to open the doors of community perception to what is broken in the world, simultaneously waking up the heart of the group to do something about it.
Together, on this weekend of Qoya, Vision Questing and ceremony - lets dance with the possibilities of grieving the ungrievable, and breath in the scent of the air of the world on the other side of that process. 
Cost: $400 NZD (earlybird if paid by September 1st 2019) OR $450 NZD thereafter. 

To maintain a supportive and clear environment, all retreats are by application and involve a short interview process with Samar.
Please email to apply or enquire.

Monthly QOYA Workshops at Moon Yoga
with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 
Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings once a month
6 pm to 9 pm (Fridays) or 10 am to 1 pm (Saturday) 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

Qoya is a movement practice for women developed by Rochelle Schieck that brings together dance, yoga, sensual movement, sacred community, breath-work, meditation, ceremony and more.  Every month we explore a new theme through movement.  Yoga mats, cushions, all props, artesian water, organic herbal teas and nutritious snacks are provided.  Monthly workshops are announced on Moon Yoga's website and mailing list.   February's theme is 'Feel It All?' 
Cost: $33 NZD
Click here to learn more about Qoya.  Please email to register/enquire.

Therapy Sessions with Rochelle Gates 
Thursdays by appointment
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert. 
Rochelle Gates will be offering one-on-one sessions on at Moon Yoga beginning in February.  Rochelle has been involved in the world of therapy and healing for the last two decades and is influenced strongly by her learnings in Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Aware Parenting.  As a Qoya teacher, Arvigo®Therapist and Mayan Spiritual Healing Provider, Rochelle is also keenly aware of the subtle energies and the role of the body in making real change in our lives.  
Cost: $100 NZD per hour 
Email hello@rochellegates.com to book or enquire. 
Kirtan with Atmapari 
By announcement 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert
Kirtan is a form of Yogic Chanting, which transports the participant to realms beyond the moment through the sacred vibration of the breath and the communal experience of meeting the Holy together.  Kirtan is offered by magical Atmapari most months on a Friday at Moon Yoga.  
Cost: $18
Please email to enquire about upcoming dates. 

Develop Your Intuition Level 2 - Getting Real: Uncertainty and Revelation 
with Dr. Ann Kerwin
Sunday June 30th 2019 

Philosopher William James observed that the greatest obstacle to discovering truth may be the rest of our truths.  Often we have illusions about how 'real psychics' work.  These illusions can hinder our intuitive development.  In a rare opportunity, two respected professional intuitives will share how they work and be available to answer your questions.  Plus more intuitive fun and games!

Cost: $150 NZD (or $125 NZD earlybird if paid in full by June 1st 2019)             
A non-refundable $50 NZD deposit is required to secure your place.
Please email info@annkerwinreiki.com to register

Develop Your Intuition Level 3 - Practical Wisdom 
with Dr. Ann Kerwin 
Sunday September 1st 2019 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert  
This workshop focuses on practical wisdom. The ancient Greeks called it phronësis. Simply put, we often face situations in life where we can't rely on hard and fast rules about what is best to say or do. When things are especially complex and complicated, we call on phronësis - the ability to feel our way, with integrity, to the best approach at the time. This will be a jubilant day to look back, look forward, celebrate, and enjoy! 
Cost: $150 NZD (or $125 NZD earlybird if paid in full by August 1st 2019)           
A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to secure your place.
Please email info@annkerwinreiki.com to register.


Qoya Intensive Teacher Training
with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 
October 21st to 28th 2020 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Coromandel 
Culminate your Qoya teacher training journey at a supremely beautiful wild place.  Intensive is the third and final level of teacher training and involves seven full days of immersion into the world of sisterhood and the magical lineage of Qoya.  Embody each pillar of class and receive its energetic transmission.  Each participant with each teach or co/teach a full class, and  thus leave ready to take Qoya further and further into this glorious world.  Click here to learn more about Qoya teacher training. 

Cost: $2500 USD 
Prerequisites: Intro (Level 1) online & Initation (Level 2) 
Please email to enquire.  Registration opening soon.