Qoya Initiation Teacher Training 
October 27th and 28th 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland 

Qoya is a movement practice for women, created by Rochelle Schieck.  It brings together dance, yoga, sensual movement, sacred community, intuition, breathwork and more, wrapped in the soft sweet swathe of a deep and ancient lineage.  Initiation is the second level on the teacher training path, with the online Intro being the first.  At Initiation, each participant will have the opportunity to teach each part of a class, embodying the whole through deeply knowing each part.  This weekend is rich in ceremony, connection, support and of course, dance.  Initiation prepares a seeker for Intensive - the final stage of the Teacher Training journey.  Intensive will be offered in New Zealand in December 2018.   Click here to learn more about Qoya teacher training.

Prerequisites:  Intro (online)   
Cost: $600 US 
Please email to enquire.  Click here to register. 

Qoya Intensive Teacher Training
December 10th to 17th 2018 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Coromandel 

Culminate your Qoya teacher training journey at a supremely beautiful wild place.  Intensive is the third and final level of teacher training and involves seven full days of immersion into the world of sisterhood and the magical lineage of Qoya.  Embody each pillar of class and receive its energetic transmission.  Each participant with each teach or co/teach a full class, and you will thus leave ready to take Qoya further and further into this glorious world.  Click here to learn more about Qoya teacher training. 

Cost: $2500 US 
Prerequisites: Intro (Level 1) online & Initation (Level 2) 
Please email to enquire.  Click here to register. 

Holistic Pelvic Care Training - FULLY BOOKED 
with Tami Lynn Kent 
March 1st to 4th 2019 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

This magical body of work has grown out of Tami's experience as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who saw a need to support women on all the levels of their being.  Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) maps pelvic tension patterns, restores equillibrium, clears trauma imprints and supports the awakening of creative vitality.  It is support to women healing from many pelvic disorders, including bladder and rectal issues, prolapse, pregnancy preparation, post-partum recovery, bonding disruptions and structural imbalances.  Within this work is woven an implicit capacity to support providers to restore their own energy.  

Bodyworkers and Healthcare Professionals with a license to touch may apply.  Eligibility is decided by Tami on a case-by-case basis. 

Please email Tami directly to go on waiting list. 

Cost: $2000 US (or discounted to a total of $2600 US if also attending Holistic Pelvic Energy on March 5th & 6th). 

Holistic Pelvic Energy Training - THREE SPACES LEFT
with Tami Lynn Kent
March 5th and 6th 2019 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

The body's energy field is designed to manifest your creative potential.  This class is both practitioner training and personal healing journey.  The creative field can be understood as the space around our physical body that began to be imprinted when we were growing in our mothers' wombs.  This training is a distillation of thousands of hours of Tami's work with women in the realm of the Pelvic Bowl and its profound energetic signatures.  Tami will share tools to support your ability to intentionally harness the inherent flow of generative power that dwells in your body and heal whatever may be in the way.  These tools stimulate one's ability to sense energy, shift from patterns of scarcity to abundance, cultivate creative capacity, open the flow of creation and embody a soul-filled life.  Her book, Wild Creative, is a companion to what is shared on this training.  Any woman who feels called may apply. 

Please email Tami directly to apply. 

Cost: $925 US (discounted to a total of $2600 if combined with Holistic Pelvic Care on March 1st to 4th).  


Vision Quest Retreat ‘Painting the World Back into Existence'
December 7th to 9th 2018 
Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Coromandel 

A Vision Quest is a sacred journey taken to the wisdom-heart of the Earth when a human seeks guidance, support, love and way-showing.  For the fourth year, we will make the pilgrimage to Opoutere, stepping into the sacred.  Our theme this year is ‘Painting the World Back into Existence’.  As we stare down an ever corrupted future - where our waters, forests, air and soils are all under threat - our sense of place and purpose as a species is at a crossroads.  Do we simply give up and continue unconsciously?  Do we succumb to a deep sadness and subsequent apathy?  Or do we attempt to paint the world back into existence?  If even the tiniest part of ourselves is willing to use our creative energy to reimagine and pray for a world restored, what might be possible?  This weekend is a cry to the space beyond - not just for help, but for the faith in ourselves to remember our artistry, our power, our responsibility, our personhood and our sacred task as custodians of this unbelievably loveable Planet. 

If you feel the call, join us for ceremony, dance, nature, prayer, vision questing, community and the awe of it all in the Coromandel. 

Cost: $390 early bird (if paid by October 1st) or $450 if paid thereafter.
Please email to go to on waiting list.  


Monthly QOYA Workshops at Moon Yoga
Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings once a month
6 pm to 9 pm (Fridays) or 10 am to 1 pm (Saturday) 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

Qoya is a movement practice for women developed by Rochelle Schieck that brings together dance, yoga, sensual movement, sacred community, breath-work, meditation, ceremony and more.  Every month we explore a new theme through movement.  Yoga mats, cushions, all props, artesian water, organic herbal teas and nutritious snacks are provided.  Monthly workshops are announced on Moon Yoga's website and mailing list.   February's  theme is "How May I Serve?"

Cost: $30 NZD
Click here to learn more about Qoya.  Please email to register/enquire.

Develop Your Intuition Level 3 - Practical Wisdom 
with Dr. Ann Kerwin 
Sunday November 4th 2018 
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert 

This festive workshop celebrates our intuitive development and community with food, ceremony and readings.  We also look at Practical Wisdom - PHRONESIS  - as the ancient Greek Philosophers called it.  Living the intuitive life, we face situations where we can't rely on hard and fast rules about what is best to say or not say, to do or not do.  In such ceases, we call on the ability to feel our way, with integrity, to the best approach available now. 

Cost: $60 
Prerequisites: Develop Your Intuition Level 1 & 2 
Please email to register.