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Gluten takes Guts!
Green Smoothies!


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Gluten takes Guts!


For most of my life, I didn't really give gluten much thought.  I became aware somewhere along the way that it appeared almost trendy to become 'gluten-free'.  There were periods of time where I dabbled with giving it up, only to have a little bit of wheat in a pizza here, and then some oatmeal there.  I never really actively eliminated it or noticed it much.   Until now.

Recently I eliminated all processed sugar from my diet.  I had gone through this process successfully before, for quite a long time, and reaped profound psychological and physical benefits.

Green Smoothies!

I am really impressed with the beauty and efficiency of GREEN SMOOTHIES.

I am quite convinced that for MOST people (please note that I said MOST) living in a modern environment, a daily green smoothie is a very potent health promoter, and below I will briefly list the reasons why.

1. Green Smoothies are literally smoothies that combine dark leafy greens, fresh fruit, water and optional health boosting extras such as soaked seeds, cold pressed oils or other superfoods like bee pollen.  Because of the action of being blended in a high powered blender the raw living ingredients present in a green smoothie are broken down on a cellular level, releasing more of their powerful chemicals into your body that you would obtain by chewing alone.