Qoya Workshops

Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland 
Variable Weekend Mornings and Evenings

Restarting June 2021 

Qoya is a movement practice that brings together dance, yoga, sensual movement, community, intuition, ceremony and more.  At Moon Yoga, Qoya is generally offered as a three-hour workshop, combining movement and ceremony, with themes inspired by the times we live in.  No previous movement experience is required.  The gift of Qoya is to trust the truth in your body and to remember the infinite truths we carry within us through movement.  To learn more about this beautiful practice please click here

Cost: 33 NZD 

One-on-One Sessions with Samar 

In Person in Auckland, at Retreats Worldwide and Online 

Bookings being taken now for June 2021 onwards  

At Moon Yoga in Auckland, and wherever I physically travel, I offer Arvigo® Therapy, Mayan Spiritual Healing and Holistic Pelvic Care™/Holistic Pelvic Energy™ sessions.  Depending on the needs of the client, there is often more than one modality woven into each session.  I listen deeply to the requests of the body, which frequently arrive through energetic perception, inner vision and via the subtle visceral language of the cells.  While my work is primarily directed towards supporting the health of the female reproductive system through working manually with the uterus and her surrounding structures, there are applications within my practice for all people.  For those who don't have access to similar practitioners locally, a phone session could include nutritional, herbal, movement-based, spiritual and intuitive support, as well as guidance to creating and implementing home-based nurturing rituals and self-care practices.   Please email to book a session.

Cost: $120 NZD per hour  

Qoya Initiation Teacher Training - Auckland

July 2021 - dates TBA

With Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian  
Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland

Qoya is a movement practice, and its also so much more.  Bringing together dance, yoga, trusting the inherent intelligence of your own sensuality, connecting with community and following the truth in your body are only some of the many incredible gifts of Qoya. 

Intro (Level 1) is an online training.  In July, Initiation (Level 2) will be offered in Auckland.  This rich weekend affords each participant the opportunity to teach every pillar of a class and immerse themselves in the rich landscapes of Qoya's many ceremonies.  Intensive (Level 3) will be offered in New Zealand in October 2021.

Cost: $600 USD

Registration opening soon.

Please email to enquire.

Qoya Intensive Teacher Training 

October 21st to 28th 2020

Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Opoutere, Coromandel, New Zealand  

With Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 

The Qoya Intensive is a week-long immersion into the deep water of what Qoya is and who you are as you swim through it.  It is the final layer in the Qoya teacher training journey and very often, a profoundly life-changing transmission.  If you feel the call to offer work that is soul-centered and of the body, to be in service, to dance your prayers, and to be together as we shift into the power of remembering, please join us.  

Prerequisites include Intro (Level 1) and Initiation (Level 2) Qoya Teacher Training and teaching eleven practice classes. 

Cost: $2500 USD

Click here to register.  Please email to apply and/or enquire.  

Holotropic Breathwork & Qoya Weekend - Lineage

December 5th and 6th 2020

With Andrea Anstiss and Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland 

Dive deep into the wisdom, wildness and eternal Spirit of your subconscious through two profound practices - Holotropic Breathwork and Qoya.  Holotropic Breathwork is a rich healing modality developed by Stan Grof.  This work involves deep, continuous, rhythmic breath and the power of evocative music to take one on a journey guided by the 'Inner Healer' - the part of ourselves that knows exactly what we need in any given moment.  Qoya is a sacred movement practice - melding dance, yoga, sensual presence, prayer and loving community, and on this weekend serves to integrate and give home to the depth of the experiences afforded by the breath. 


The theme for this weekend is 'Lineage'.  What vibrant line of people do we represent, here, in this body?  What is the medicine we uniquely carry that was gifted to us generation after generation?  What memories buzz in our cells that tell the story of humanity in just this way?  How are we here to be the final stitch, for now, on the tapestry of time?  Who are we because of them? And to whom do we owe the honoring of these memories?  What seeds are our lives?  What forests do we grow from the brave terrain we traverse now?   Breath into and dance with all these questions and more.  

This weekend is designed to be supportive, spacious and sacred.  It is co-facilitated by Andrea Anstiss, who is making the journey from Dubai to be with us, and myself.   It is open to all adults via an application process. 


Please email to apply or go on waiting list.

Cost: $300 NZD (earlybird) or $360 NZD if paid after June 30th 2020

Vision Quest Retreat 

'Homo Ceremonia, the Sacred Guardian'  

December 11th to 13th 2020

Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat, Opoutere, Coromandel, New Zealand  

With Andrea Anstiss & Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 

Because we were born at this time, we were born for these times.  The only barrier to our ability to navigate the now is a communal forgetfulness of what we really are.  

The name of our species, Homo Sapiens, literally translates to 'Wise Ones'.  Looking around, we see a world already deeply affected by Climate Change.  Our wisdom has birthed technologies and resulted in creations that once only lived in our imaginations.  The cost of our creativity is being borne by the Living World, of which we too are apart.  Our wisdom now could transform what we offer into something that protects rather than destroys.  What would that look like in this big beautiful world? 

In this moment, can we choose to step into the experiment of becoming 'Homo Ceremonia'  or the Ceremonial Human?  A ceremony is an active interface with the Divine, living conversation with the Earth Herself.  What if the next wise thing is a living conversation with the world around us?  What does She need?  What if every step we take from here we do in communion?  What if every choice made now, we make with her consent?  What if we could rise to the challenge of a burning world not from a place of shame, but of love?  What if the next phase of human life on this planet is a hand-in-hand dance with the Spirit of the Earth herself?  Who would we be then? 

We are so excited to share that a feature of this weekend will be Holotropic Breathwork with Andrea Anstiss. 

As always, this weekend will include Qoya, time for personal Vision Questing in nature, Ceremony, accommodation and all meals from the evening of Friday 11th December to the evening of Sunday 13th December.   Retreats of this nature are deep dives, and attendance is by an application.  All adults are welcome to apply.  Spaces are limited.


Please email to apply or enquire.

Cost: $400 NZD

Earlybird (payable by October 1st 2020) or $450 thereafter.

Qoya & Holotropic Retreat Oman

 'Birthing the Ancient' 

2021- Dates TBA 

With Andrea Anstiss & Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 

Atana Khasab Resort, Musandam, Oman 

Amongst the rugged, powerful beauty of the Musandam Peninsula, experience a life-changing week of Holotropic Breathwork and Qoya. 


Holotropic Breathwork opens the portals of our timeless knowing, taking us to places we didn't know existed yet may recognize as the truth of who we are.  Qoya reminds us that everything we need is always right here, behind the skin. 


At this moment in history, more than ever, we are being asked to move quickly.  On the inside and in the world.  Towards solutions, through our pain.   As every system of how we run our lives begins to crumble we are left with asking How?  How do we reimagine a world after the Fire?  After the Flood?  One way is going back.  Back to a time and place where the Earth herself could ask for was her best medicine, and our hearts were open to listening.  One other way still is to be able to bring that medicine back to this now moment, through the sacredness of how we live our lives.  Within each of us is the capacity to Birth the Ancient. 


This retreat is open to all adults by an application. 

Cost: $2500 USD

Registration opening soon.  Please email to apply and/or enquire.  

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