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One on One Sessions in Dubai

Just Be Holistic Center

October 22nd & 23rd 2022

Four spots left for Arvigo Therapy and Mayan Spiritual Healing dear ones.  Get in quick!  Email to book.

Cost: 750 AED per hour


Opening to Spiritual Healing

Online Training 

with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 

Saturdays & Sundays in November 2022 - 6 pm to 10 EST 

This 28 day journey takes the seeker deep into the healing traditions of Don Elijio Panti’s Maya lineage.  Come to intimately know the nine basic spiritual sicknesses and the several tools that support their alleviation.  Daily spiritual baths, space clearing, plant allies, sacred smoke, prayer, amulets, offerings, brilliant guest speakers, a profoundly supportive community and much more make up this unique immersion.  Those who complete this training may see clients as they feel ready and in integrity, and can be listed on the Arvigo®  site as Spiritual Healing Practitioners.  

Please email to enquire or register 

Cost: $900 USD


Vision Quest Retreat 

with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 

December 9th to 11th 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to surrender entirely to the call of your soul? 

Energy is the soul’s language, and the ability to feel is the ability to respond to the whispers that come from a place that already knows.  

This weeked of Qoya, Ceremony, solo Vision Quests, sacred community and more at the beautiful and wild Sky River Sanctuary is a portal into dancing deeply with the soul, its call and our ability to respond. 

Cost: $450 NZD


Qoya Initiation Teacher Training 

with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

February 11th and 12th 2023 

Are you ready to dive into the ocean of love that is this work?  Initiation Teacher Training is a whole weekend of integrating every part of a Qoya class in depth, as well as ceremonies, rituals and supportive community at the beautiful Moon Yoga in Mount Albert, Auckland.    This weekend is a prerequisite for Qoya Intensive Training taking place in the Coromandel in March 2023 (see below).
Prerequisites: Online Intro Training

Saturday February 11th and Sunday February 12th 2023 

10 am to 6 pm both days

$600 USD payable upon registration directly at 

Click here to register. 

Please email to enquire 

Cost: $600 USD


Holistic Pelvic Care™ & Holistic Pelvic Energy™

with Tami Lynn Kent 

Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland 

February 26th to 28th 2023 

Join Tami, author of Wild Feminine, for the in person modules of her Holistic Pelvic Care and Holistic Pelvic Energy offerings.  We are so grateful to have her medicine back at Moon Yoga again because we love her! 

Please direct all pricing and scheduling enquiries directly to Tami on 

Cost: Enquire Directly


Arvigo® Practitioner Training 

with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 

Sky River Sanctuary, Coromandel 

March 3rd to 10th 2023

This week long residential training takes the participant on a journey through the content and experiences offered by both Self Care Training and Professional Care Training against the stunning wild backdrop of the Pacific Ocean at Sky River Sanctuary.

The opportunity to deeply embody this work for the self while also learning how to be able to support clients is the focus of all we will do.  Abdominal, pelvic and sacral massage; pelvic steams/soaks, castor oil therapy, herbal support, spiritual baths, trauma, anatomy, physiology, lineage, nourishment, hip swaddling and much more will be covered on this deep dive. 

Please note, licensure is not a requirement to practice in New Zealand.  This training is open to bodyworkers and anyone with a strong calling.  Ten spaces only. 

10% of the total cost is tithing, supporting indigenous people and causes to whom we are deeply connected.  Learn more on our Giving Back page. 

Please email to enquire and register 

Cost:  $2500 NZD


Qoya Intensive Teacher Training 

with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

Sky River Sanctuary, Coromandel, NZ 

March 16th to 23rd 2023

This final tier of Qoya teacher training is a residential week of living, breathing and embodying this magic. 

It is more than a training, it is total transformation. 

Dance multiple Qoya classes each day, trace the map of this work as you journey the medicine wheel of the lineage that inspired it. 

Ceremonies, creativity, music, supportive group sessions, delicious food, wild nature, Mother Ocean and so much more make up the tapestry of this time. 

Prerequisites: Intro (Online), Initiation (February in Auckland) and 11 practice classes 

March 16th to 23rd 2023 

$2000 USD payable upon registration at

Accomodation & All Meals Included

Click here to register.
Please email to enquire 

Cost:  $2000 USD


Qoya & Holotropic Breathwork Weekend 

with Andrea Anstiss and Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian 

Moon Yoga, Mount Albert, Auckland

March 25th & 26th 2023 (working dates, to be finalised shortly) 

Join us for this potent weekend of healing and journeying through Holotropic Breathwork and Qoya at Moon Yoga.  Non-residential. 

Cost: $400 NZD


Hawa Breathwork Practitioner Training 

with Andrea Anstiss

at Sky River Sanctuary, Coromandel and Online

In Person Gatherings: March 30th to April 4th & August 31st to Sept 5th 2023

Online Gatherings: April 28th, May 26th, June 30th & July 28th 2023 

Hawa is an Arabic word for wind, and specifically a wind that carries with it our longing to return home. 

Hawa Breathwork Practitioner Training is borne of Andrea’s decades of therapeutic and breathwork experience, and informed by the many years of healing in resonance with the sands and waters of the Middle East. 

Embody the skills required to support clients on their individual journey to wholeness via the wild vehicle of the breath and the nourishment of non-ordinary states of consciousness through a six month journey of training.  This will include two in-person deep dives in the Coromandel region of New Zealand with four online sessions in between and comprehensive self study. Accommodation and meals included at residential gatherings. 


Cost: $3500 NZD  


Deepening into Spiritual Healing 

Online Training

with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

Saturdays and Sundays in May - 6 pm to 10 pm EST 

Journey deeper into the Ocean of Chu’lel and what lives within it on this expanded exploration of the healing tools and traditions of Don Elijio Panti’s Maya lineage.  This training goes beyond a focus on the personal into the interpersonal and the transpersonal - the world between and beyond.  Daily baths, a deep emphasis on treating clients, brilliant guest speakers, expanding relationships to the wild world of plant Spirits, welcoming our Benevolent Ancestors closer and much much more will be explored.  

Email to enquire or register 

Cost: $950 USD 

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